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Guaranty Bank & Trust, N.A.
Consumer Protection in Sale of Insurance Disclosure

Guaranty Bank & Trust may offer you an insurance product. The purchase of any insurance product from or on behalf of Guaranty Bank & Trust is not a deposit, nor is it guaranteed by the bank, or any of its affiliates.

The Insurance product is not insured by Guaranty Bank & Trust or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

The Insurance product may be available from other sources.

The purchase of this Insurance product from Guaranty Bank & Trust has not affected the bank’s decision to reject or approve credit for the consumer(s).

Guaranty Bank & Trust, as a condition of granting you a loan, cannot require that you purchase an Insurance product from them or any of its affiliates.

Guaranty Bank & Trust, as a condition of granting you a loan, cannot require your agreement not to obtain or prohibit you from obtaining an Insurance product from an unaffiliated entity.
  • NOT GUARANTEED BY Guaranty Bank & Trust
Guaranty Bank & Trust is an Equal Opportunity Provider.